even though I’m in my very early 20s




even though I’m in my very early 20s

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Posted on: Nov 19, 2012 at 1:30 PM


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Okay, a little about me. I am Acro - 22-year old genderfluid female-pronoun-thing, asexual, artist / amateur scientist [specifically regarding biology / zoology], and violin mantis person. Has a bachelor's in anthropology and no idea what to do next. I also like to represent myself with something that is essentially an anthropomorphic, okapi-themed lamp, for no reason other than it's fun.

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I like invertebrates, natural oddities, surreal / fantasy-type art, robots, guys without faces / with partly obscured faces, and things that have a somewhat old-fashioned vibe to them, among other things, so expect to see a bit of that around. Fandoms I post about / reblog regularly include mostly Transformers [mostly MTMTE and Prime but other misc. continuities as well], Daft Punk, and Shane Acker's 9 [though not much as of late with the latter]. There are also sprinklings of other things as well that have to do with animation, sci-fi, well-done fantasy, and so on - such as Pixar, Studio Ghibli, etc. I also reblog things about feminism and gender / sexual identities and other debate-sparking topics, so if that kind of thing annoys you then here's your warning before you hit the "follow" button.

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